What Day of the Week Does Crumbl Change Their Menu? Keeping Up with Your Favorite Bakery

Hey there, fellow sweet tooth! Have you ever found yourself eagerly anticipating the moment when Crumbl, your all-time favorite bakery, changes up their mouth-watering menu? I know I have! But let's face it, keeping track of which day of the week they swap out their delectable treats can be a bit of a challenge. Well, worry no more! In this blog post, I'm going to spill the beans and help you keep up with your beloved Crumbl bakery. So get ready to satisfy your craving for fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies and join me on this tantalizing journey!

Quick Answer

Crumbl changes their menu every Sunday! So make sure you're staying updated with your favorite bakery by checking their website or subscribing to their newsletter. That way, you won't miss out on any delicious new flavors and treats they have in store for you each week.

When does Crumbl change its menu?

Crumbl changes its menu on a weekly basis. This allows you to experience a variety of delicious cookie flavors every time you visit. On Mondays, they introduce a new flavor of the week that is available all week long. In addition to the flavor of the week, they always have four additional flavors that rotate each week. So, if you have a favorite flavor, you can look forward to it coming back soon even if it's not currently on the menu. Keep an eye out for their announcements on social media or check their website to stay updated on the latest menu changes.

Does Crumbl offer a rewards program?

Yes, Crumbl does offer a rewards program! It's called the Crumbl Nation Rewards, and it's a great way to earn free cookies. When you sign up for the rewards program, you'll receive a free Crumbl cookie right away. For every dollar you spend at Crumbl, you'll earn one point. Once you accumulate 40 points, you can redeem them for a free box of four cookies of your choice. Additionally, Crumbl occasionally runs promotional offers where you can earn bonus points or other exciting rewards. So make sure to sign up and indulge in their delicious cookies while earning rewards at the same time!

What flavors and items are available on the Crumbl menu?

On the Crumbl menu, you can find a delightful array of flavors and items to satisfy your sweet tooth. They offer a wide variety of cookies, with classics like chocolate chip and sugar cookies, as well as unique flavors that change weekly. Some of the flavors you might find include caramel popcorn, raspberry cheesecake, and peanut butter brownie. Additionally, Crumbl offers a selection of warm chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie milkshakes to complement your cookie cravings. With their rotating menu, you're sure to find the perfect treat that suits your taste buds. So, go ahead and indulge yourself at Crumbl!

How often does Crumbl update its menu items?

Crumbl is a bakery that takes pride in regularly updating its menu items to offer you a fresh and exciting experience. They believe in ensuring variety by introducing new flavors every week. So, you can expect new and delightful options every time you visit Crumbl. Whether it's their famous warm chocolate chip cookies or unique specialty flavors, they constantly innovate and surprise you with their menu. This dedication to keeping their menu fresh and exciting is one of the reasons why Crumbl has become a favorite among dessert enthusiasts. So, don't forget to check their menu regularly for new and mouthwatering treats!


Does Crumbl offer online ordering?

Yes, Crumbl offers online ordering! You can easily place your order through their website or mobile app. Simply visit their website or download the app, select your location, browse through their delicious cookies, and add your desired treats to your cart. You can customize your cookie selection, choose the quantity, and even schedule a pickup or delivery time that works best for you. Crumbl makes it convenient to indulge in their mouthwatering cookies without leaving the comfort of your home. So go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth with a few clicks!

Final Words

To conclude, Crumbl Bakery devotees should keep up with the changing menu for a great variety of cookies. Crumbl's rotating menu offers something for everyone, whether you are a cookie lover or not. By knowing what day of the week Crumbl changes their menu, you can plan your visits accordingly and make sure you never miss out on your favorite flavors. Whether it's eagerly awaiting the bakery menu update or keeping an eye out for the Crumbl menu announcement, staying informed about the bakery menu schedule will enhance your experience at Crumbl. So, next time you find yourself craving a delicious treat, remember to check which day of the week Crumbl Bakery is changing their menu and indulge in the mouthwatering delights they have to offer. Your taste buds will thank you, and your life will be that much sweeter.


Q: What is Crumbl?
A: Crumbl is a popular bakery known for its delicious cookies and other baked goods. They have gained a significant following for their unique and rotating menu of flavors.

Q: How often does Crumbl change their menu?
A: Crumbl changes their menu every week. Each week, they introduce four new specialty flavors while keeping two of their most popular flavors available year-round.

Q: What day of the week does Crumbl change their menu?
A: Crumbl changes their menu every Sunday. This means you can look forward to trying new flavors every week and always have something exciting to indulge in.

Q: Where can I find Crumbl's weekly menu?
A: Crumbl's weekly menu is available on their website (www.crumblcookies.com) or on their mobile app. You can easily check the menu to find out which flavors they are featuring for the current week.

Q: How can I stay updated with Crumbl's menu changes and flavors?
A: To stay updated with Crumbl's menu changes and flavors, you can visit their website, follow their social media accounts, or sign up for their newsletter. They often announce their new flavors and menu changes through these channels.

Q: Can I pre-order the new flavors before they are available?
A: Yes, Crumbl allows pre-orders for their weekly flavors. You can place your order online or through their mobile app, selecting the desired flavors for pickup or delivery on the menu change day.

Q: Are Crumbl's popular year-round flavors always available?
A: Yes, Crumbl keeps two of their most popular flavors available year-round, ensuring you can always enjoy your favorites in addition to the weekly specialty flavors.

Q: Can I suggest flavor ideas to Crumbl?
A: Yes, Crumbl welcomes flavor suggestions from customers. You can submit your flavor ideas on their website or through their social media platforms. They often incorporate customer suggestions into their menu rotations.

Q: Do Crumbl's flavors accommodate dietary restrictions?
A: Crumbl offers a variety of flavors, including some that are gluten-friendly or vegan-friendly. However, they may not have suitable options for all dietary restrictions. It's best to check their website or contact them directly for specific information.

Q: Can I order Crumbl's cookies online?
A: Yes, you can conveniently order Crumbl's cookies online through their website or mobile app. They offer pickup or delivery options, allowing you to enjoy their delicious treats right at your doorstep.

Q: Does Crumbl deliver their cookies?
A: Yes, Crumbl provides delivery services. You can select the delivery option while placing your order online or through their mobile app, and they will deliver your cookies to the specified address within their delivery radius.

Q: Are gift cards available for Crumbl?
A: Yes, Crumbl offers gift cards that can be purchased online or at their physical bakery locations. Gift cards are a great way to treat your loved ones to Crumbl's scrumptious cookies and let them choose their favorite flavors.

Q: Can I buy Crumbl cookies in-store without pre-ordering?
A: Yes, you can visit any Crumbl bakery location during their operating hours and purchase cookies in-store without pre-ordering. However, popular flavors can sometimes sell out quickly, so it's advisable to pre-order if you have a specific flavor in mind.

Q: Does Crumbl have any seasonal or limited-time flavors?
A: Yes, Crumbl often introduces seasonal or limited-time flavors to celebrate holidays or special occasions. These flavors are available for a limited period, so make sure to check their website or social media for any currently featured seasonal flavors.

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