Restaurant Etiquette 101 – How To Order Drinks Like A Pro

Hey there! Are you nervous about ordering drinks at a restaurant like a pro? Well, worry no more because I've got you covered! In this easy-to-follow guide, I'll walk you through the basics of restaurant etiquette and show you exactly how to order drinks with confidence. Whether you're dining with friends, on a date, or out for a business lunch, mastering this skill will make you feel like a true pro. So, grab a pen and paper because we're about to dive into Restaurant Etiquette 101: How To Order Drinks Like A Pro!

Quick Tips

Tip 1: Check the Menu – Before ordering, take a quick look at the drink menu to see what options are available. This will help you make a confident decision when the server comes to take your order.

Tip 2: Be Clear and Concise – When ordering drinks, speak clearly and avoid mumbling to ensure the server understands your order accurately. State your choice confidently and specify any preferences or modifications you may have, like adding ice or opting for a lemon wedge.

Tip 3: Use Polite Language – Remember to use polite phrases like “please” and “thank you” when placing your drink order. These simple gestures show respect and can help build a positive rapport with the server.

Tip 4: Don't Rush – Take a moment to browse the drink menu, or ask the server for recommendations if you're unsure. Ordering drinks should be an enjoyable experience, so don't feel pressured to rush your decision. Take your time and savor the process of selecting a refreshing beverage.

Catch the waiter's attention using eye contact or a gesture

One simple way to attract the attention of a waiter is by making eye contact or using a gesture. When you're in a crowded restaurant or a busy cafe, catching the waiter's attention might seem challenging, but with this easy trick, you'll have their attention in no time. It's as simple as looking directly into their eyes and giving them a slight nod or raising your hand. By using this technique, you'll ensure that the waiter knows you're ready to order or need their assistance.

Step 1: To start, look around the room to find the waiter you'd like to signal. With a quick scan, you'll be able to identify their location and make a plan for catching their attention. Once you've spotted them, make sure to maintain eye contact. This shows the waiter that you're trying to communicate something to them.

Step 2: Using a gesture can also be helpful in capturing the waiter's attention. A discrete wave of your hand or a slight raise of your arm can do the trick. Be sure to use a gesture that is noticeable but not too flamboyant. You don't want to startle the waiter or draw unnecessary attention from other customers.

Step 3: As soon as you have successfully grabbed the waiter's attention, they will likely come over to your table. When they do, make sure you are ready to place your order or ask for what you need. Having your menu open or knowing exactly what you want will help you make the most of the waiter's time. Remember to be polite and respectful when they approach you, as it will make the whole dining experience more pleasant for both of you.

By using eye contact or a gesture, you can easily catch a waiter's attention even in a busy environment. This simple technique allows you to communicate your needs without shouting or causing a disturbance. With a little practice and confidence, you'll swiftly be able to connect with waitstaff and ensure a smooth dining experience.

Catch the waiter's attention using eye contact or a gesture

Use polite and concise language to order your drink

When ordering your drink, it is important to use polite and concise language to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. To start, make sure to greet the server with a warm hello, such as “Hi, how are you?” or “Good morning!” This sets a positive tone and shows that you value their service. Then, clearly state your order using simple and direct sentences. For example, instead of saying, “Could I possibly have a venti caramel macchiato with non-fat almond milk and an extra shot of espresso?” you can say, “I'd like a large caramel macchiato with almond milk and an extra shot, please.” By using polite and concise language, you make it easier for the server to understand and fulfill your order quickly and accurately.

Additionally, it is important to be respectful and patient while placing your order. Avoid using demanding or entitled language, such as “Give me a…” or “I want…” Instead, use polite phrases like “May I have…” or “Could I please get…” This shows respect for the server and creates a friendly atmosphere. Remember, the server is doing their best to accommodate your request, so being patient and understanding will make the experience more enjoyable for both parties. Using polite and concise language not only ensures a pleasant interaction but also sets a positive tone for the rest of your day.

Lastly, it is helpful to be prepared and clear in your order. Take a moment to decide what you want before approaching the server and be ready to state your order confidently. Avoid using vague language or unnecessary details. For example, instead of saying, “I'm not really sure what I want, but maybe something sweet with a hint of chocolate and some kind of topping,” you can say, “I'd like a sweet drink with a hint of chocolate and a topping, please.” By being specific, you make it easier for the server to understand and provide you with exactly what you want. Using polite and concise language allows for a smoother ordering process and ensures that you receive your drink just the way you like it.

If you want your drink to be served properly and concisely, use polite language when ordering it. By greeting the server warmly, being respectful and patient, as well as being clear and prepared in your order, you can have a pleasant and efficient experience. So, next time you visit a café or coffee shop, remember these tips and make your order with confidence and courtesy. Cheers to a delicious drink served just the way you like it!

Allow the waiter to repeat your order for confirmation

When you go to a restaurant and place your order, it's important to make sure the waiter gets it right. One easy way to ensure this is by allowing the waiter to repeat your order for confirmation. By repeating your order back to you, the waiter can confirm that they understood it correctly. This simple step can prevent any misunderstandings or mistakes with your order.

To allow the waiter to repeat your order for confirmation, start by speaking clearly and slowly when you place your order. This will help the waiter to hear and understand your order accurately. After you finish ordering, wait for the waiter to repeat your order back to you. Listen carefully to make sure they got it right. If there are any mistakes, politely correct them at this point. This will give the waiter a chance to correct any errors before they bring out your food.

Repeating your order for confirmation is a quick and easy way to ensure that you get the meal you want. It shows the waiter that you are attentive and want to make sure everything is correct. This simple act can save you from any disappointment or frustration later on. So next time you dine out, remember to let the waiter repeat your order for confirmation, and enjoy your meal with confidence knowing that you will be served exactly what you requested.

Express gratitude when your drink arrives, and enjoy responsibly

Expressing gratitude when your drink arrives is important because it shows appreciation for the effort put into making it. Simply saying “thank you” to the bartender or server can go a long way in brightening their day. When you acknowledge their hard work, they are more likely to take extra care in serving you. It also creates a positive atmosphere, making your overall experience more enjoyable. So, don't forget to express gratitude when your drink arrives and brighten someone's day!

Enjoying your drink responsibly is vital for your own well-being and the safety of others. It's important to remember that alcohol affects everyone differently, so be conscious of your own tolerance levels. Pace yourself and know when to stop drinking. It's always a good idea to have a designated driver if you plan on consuming alcohol, or to use a ride-sharing service to ensure you get home safely. By enjoying your drink responsibly, you can have a good time while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

Additionally, having a sense of awareness about the people and surroundings around you is one way to consume alcohol responsibly. Avoid excessive drinking that may lead to disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Respect the establishment and other patrons by following any rules or regulations they have in place. Remember, drinking responsibly not only ensures your own well-being but also contributes to a pleasant and safe environment for everyone. So, enjoy your drink, but always be mindful of your own actions and the impact they may have on others.


If you're wondering how to order drinks at a restaurant, just follow these simple steps: familiarize yourself with the menu, pick a drink that suits your taste, and pay attention to the price. Then, catch the waiter's attention using eye contact or a subtle gesture to ensure they acknowledge your presence. Finally, use polite and concise language when placing your order. By following these guidelines, you will not only demonstrate proper restaurant etiquette but also enhance your dining experience. By knowing how to order drinks like a pro, you can confidently navigate any dining establishment, making both you and the staff feel at ease. Ultimately, this skill contributes to a more enjoyable and harmonious dining experience, further improving your quality of life. So, go forth and order your drinks like a pro, and elevate your dining experiences to new heights!


Q: Why is it important to know how to order drinks correctly in a restaurant?
A: Ordering drinks correctly demonstrates good etiquette, shows respect for the staff, and enhances the overall dining experience. It helps avoid confusion, ensures accurate delivery of the desired beverage, and promotes efficient service.

Q: How should I address the server when ordering drinks?
A: Politely greet the server by saying “Excuse me” or “Hello” and make eye contact. Maintaining a friendly and respectful tone throughout the interaction is crucial. Using “please” and “thank you” when placing your order is courteous and appreciated.

Q: Is it appropriate to order alcoholic beverages if I am underage?
A: It is essential to follow the legal drinking age regulations in your country or region. If you are underage, it is inappropriate and illegal to order alcoholic beverages. Instead, choose from the variety of non-alcoholic options available on the menu.

Q: What can I do if I'm unsure about the drink options available?
A: If you are unfamiliar with the drink menu, feel free to ask your server for recommendations or suggestions. They often have a good understanding of the available options and can guide you based on your preferences.

Q: Should I request modifications or substitutions for my drink order?
A: It is generally acceptable to request modifications or substitutions if you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences. However, be mindful of excessive modifications, which can create complications for the bartender or delay the service for other customers. Always ask politely and be understanding if certain requests cannot be accommodated.

Q: Can I send back a drink if I don't like it?
A: If the drink does not meet your expectations due to a mistake or error, you can politely bring it to the server's attention, explaining the issue. Most restaurants are willing to replace the drink or offer an alternative option. However, sending back a drink simply because you do not enjoy the taste is not appropriate. It's best to ask for recommendations before ordering if you are unsure about certain flavors.

Q: How should I handle it if my drink is taking too long to arrive?
A: Patience is important in any dining scenario. However, if your drink is taking excessively long to arrive, discreetly flag down your server and politely inquire about the status. There might be a genuine reason for the delay, but it's acceptable to express your concern if necessary.

Q: Should I tip the bartender when ordering drinks?
A: Tipping the bartender is not mandatory but is a common practice to show appreciation for their service. If the bartender made an effort to craft a unique or complicated drink, or if they provided exceptional service, leaving a gratuity is a kind gesture.

Q: Can I send a drink to another table or person in the restaurant?
A: Sending a drink to another table or person in the restaurant can be considered a friendly gesture, such as buying a round of drinks for a group celebrating a special occasion. However, ensure you communicate your intentions with the server and respect the recipient's preferences.

Q: Any additional tips for ordering drinks at a restaurant?
Keep in mind that drinking responsibly is important, that you should be aware of your alcohol tolerance and that you should never drink and drive. Also, be considerate of other patrons and maintain a respectful noise level. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy your drink and the overall dining experience!

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