what to say when someone calls you pretty over text

Greetings, ballers! Are you looking for some fly responses when someone hits you up with that “you look pretty” text? Well, you’re in luck! He’s got your back with the sickest comebacks to make you feel like the hottest shade-throwing queen in the game. Whether he’s sliding into your DMs or popping up on your screen, knowing how to respond like a boss is key to shuttin’ them down or keeping the conversation flowin’. Let’s dive into the dopest ways to react when someone calls you pretty over text!

Key Takeaways:

  • You slaying the game! – When someone calls you pretty over text, embrace your beauty and confidently acknowledge their compliment.
  • Thank them with a fly response. – Respond with a catchy slang phrase, like “Thanks, boo, you know I stay looking fire!” Express your gratitude in a cool and urban way.
  • Build the hype. – Keep the energy going by telling them you appreciate their recognition. Share some love with a hype phrase like, “You always know how to boost my confidence, fam!”
  • Exude confidence. – Show them that you’re proud of your appearance and ooze self-assuredness. Respond with something like, “Gotta embrace this beauty, hun. It’s just how I roll!”
  • Compliment their taste. – Compliment the person who called you pretty, too. Acknowledge their good judgment with a sassy remark like, “Shoot, you got great taste! Must be why we hang, fam!”

The Flavor of Flattery: Understanding Compliments

Any savvy individual knows that a well-timed compliment can make someone’s day. It’s like spraying some feisty flavor on an already delicious dish. But what is it about compliments that really tickles our taste buds? In this chapter, we dive deep into the art of flattery and explore the origins and impact of those lovely words that leave us feeling fly.

Straight from the Streets: Where Compliments Originate

Compliments have been around longer than a classic beatdrop in the hood. They originated from the streets, where heartfelt words were exchanged to show respect and appreciation for others. It’s like a rapper calling out to his homies, giving shoutouts and acknowledging their skills. The urban slang and creative language used on the streets brought a fresh flavor to compliments, captivating people’s hearts and making them feel special.

In today’s fast-paced world, compliments have evolved into a reflection of individuals’ personalities. When someone takes the time to acknowledge your beauty over text, it’s like they step up on the stage and start freestyling. The words flow smoothly, hitting the right notes, and leaving an impact that keeps reverberating in your mind. Compliments hold power because they are not just words; they’re an expression of admiration and appreciation.

The Art of the Compliment: Why Compliments Catch our Attention

Like a beat that makes you move your feet, compliments have a way of catching our attention. The art of the compliment lies in the way it taps into our deepest desires to feel accepted and valued. When someone calls you pretty over text, it’s like they drop a sick rhyme that resonates with your soul. It paints a stunning picture in your mind, boosting your confidence and making you feel like the star of the show.

Compliments have a magnetic pull that goes beyond surface-level flattery. They acknowledge not only your appearance but also your personality, style, and aura. That’s why when someone says you look ‘fly’, ‘dope’, or ‘lit,’ an electric surge of positive vibes flows through your veins. It’s those powerful, positive details that hit you with such force, leaving you basking in the glow of genuine appreciation.

The Vibe of Virtues: The Idea of Being Called Pretty

While receiving compliments can make anyone feel flattered, being called pretty over text can spark a range of emotions. It’s essential to understand the context and intention behind the compliment before responding. In this chapter, we explore how to embrace and respond to being called pretty. If you’re looking for more tips on how to respond when someone calls you cute, check out 15 of the Best Responses When Someone Calls You Cute.

On Fleek: Defining Beauty in Urban Culture

The urban culture has its way of praising and appreciating beauty. In this context, the term “on fleek” is often used to describe someone who embodies a high level of attractiveness. While it might sound a bit old school, having someone call you pretty means that your appearance is on point and stands out from the crowd. This kind of compliment can boost anyone’s self-confidence and make them feel like a true urban royalty.

However, it’s important to note that beauty is subjective, and the concept of “on fleek” can vary from person to person. What may be considered pretty in one context may not be the same in another. Embracing one’s unique features and style is key in urban culture, as individuality and self-expression are highly valued. So, when someone calls you pretty, it’s an affirmation that your style is on point and resonates with urban aesthetics.

Picturesque or Pretty: The Different Levels of Beauty

Beauty comes in various forms, and being called pretty signifies that someone appreciates your physical attractiveness. It goes beyond just the urban culture; it’s a recognition of your appealing features, both facially and physically. It acknowledges the effort you put into your appearance to enhance your natural beauty. From flawless makeup to trendy fashion choices, being called pretty means you’ve caught someone’s eye.

However, it’s crucial to remember that beauty isn’t solely defined by external factors. Inner qualities such as kindness, intelligence, and confidence play a significant role in enhancing one’s overall attractiveness. Combining inner virtues with external beauty creates a truly captivating persona. So, being called pretty not only highlights your physical attributes but also acknowledges the positive energy and aura you exude, making you an alluring individual.

Say Word! Responding to Compliments

To keep the conversation flowing and maintain the positive vibes, it’s essential to know how to respond when someone calls you pretty over text. Your response can show appreciation, convey your personality, and keep the interaction light and fun.

Keep it 100: Being Genuine in Your Responses

When someone showers you with compliments, it’s crucial to respond sincerely, keeping it real. Being genuine in your response shows that you appreciate the kind words and boosts the rapport between both parties. Instead of brushing off the compliment or downplaying yourself, embrace it with confidence and authenticity.

For example, imagine your crush texts you, “Yo, you look mad pretty today!” In response, keep it one hundred and reply, “Thanks, fam! I’m glad you noticed. Feeling pretty fly myself today, no cap!” This response not only acknowledges the compliment but also reflects your genuine gratitude and self-assuredness.

That’s Dope: Keeping Responses Positive & Uplifting

To amplify the positive energy in the conversation, it’s vital to respond to compliments with uplifting vibes. Show appreciation and reciprocity to keep the positive momentum going. By responding positively, you not only make the other person feel good but also radiate good vibes yourself.

For instance, if someone texted, “You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen,” respond with something like, “Aye, appreciate you dropping that fire compliment! You’re looking pretty fresh yourself, no doubt. Let’s keep spreading the love and positive energy!” This response not only expresses your gratitude but also returns the compliment, emphasizing the mutual admiration and fostering a positive connection. Keep spreading those positive vibes, props to you!

Nods to Modesty: Balancing Confidence with Humility

While it’s vital to embrace compliments and own your beauty, it’s also important to strike a balance between confidence and humility. Expressing modesty allows you to acknowledge the compliment while staying down to earth and relatable. This balance shows that you are confident in your worth but also humble enough to appreciate the kind words from others.

For example, if someone texts, “Damn, you’re stunning!,” you can respond with a humble yet confident comeback like, “Sheesh, thanks for the love! I try to keep it real and stay fly. Appreciate you for recognizing the beauty, my friend. Stay blessed!” This response showcases your gratitude, modesty, and self-assuredness, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with those around you.

Remember, when it comes to responding to compliments, keeping it genuine, positive, and balanced is key. By embracing your inner hip-hop persona and infusing urban slang into your responses, you’ll create a vibe that’s authentic to you and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

The Rep of Responses in Text Messages

Despite the initial thrill of receiving a flattering text compliment, many find themselves at a loss for words when someone calls them pretty over text. Should they respond with a simple “thank you”? Or should they delve into a deeper conversation about beauty and self-worth? The art of responding to such a compliment is an important skill to master in the digital age, as it can set the tone for future interactions and relationships. In this chapter, we explore the different strategies and techniques one can employ to craft the perfect response.

Text Game Tight: The Role of Written Responses

Texting has its own unique set of rules and etiquettes, and responding to a compliment is no exception. When it comes to text game, the written responses hold immense power. They can convey confidence, humility, or even flirtatiousness, depending on how they are crafted. It is important for one to exhibit their personality and establish a strong textual presence through their responses.

Using clever wordplay and humor can be a powerful technique to showcase a unique personality. Puns, witty comebacks, and playful banter can all contribute to creating a memorable response. By infusing the response with their own brand of humor, she can elevate the conversation and leave a lasting impression on the sender.

Emojis & Slang: Utilizing Urban Lingo in Texts

The urban language and slang are powerful tools to add flavor and authenticity to text conversations. Emojis, abbreviations, and popular phrases can help create a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, making the conversation feel more casual and relatable. When responding to a compliment, she can sprinkle some urban lingo to make the text pop.

Emojis play a crucial role in conveying emotions and tone in text messages. Incorporating heart emojis, fire emojis, or even a wink emoji can add a dash of flirtation or playfulness to the response. Additionally, slang terms such as “lit,” “snatched,” or “on fleek” can emphasize the level of attractiveness being acknowledged and reciprocated.

By embracing the urban language and slang, she can establish a connection and create a fun, engaging conversation. However, it is important to use urban lingo in moderation to maintain clarity and avoid alienating the recipient.

Sliding into DMs: The Subtleties of Sending and Receiving Messages

Your digital game has to be on point when sliding into DMs. It’s all about mastering the art of sending and receiving messages without coming off as too thirsty or offensive. Let’s dive into the subtleties of DM etiquette, so you can finesse your way through those conversations like a true wordsmith.

No Disrespect: Respecting Boundaries in Messaging

When engaging in DM conversations, respecting boundaries is key. Nobody wants to feel violated or uncomfortable during a chat. It’s crucial to remember that just because someone compliments your looks or calls you pretty, doesn’t mean they have a free pass to invade your personal space or make inappropriate remarks.

Setting boundaries early on is essential. If someone crosses the line, he needs to be called out. Whether he is insinuating something disrespectful or making you feel uneasy, let him know that he is out of bounds. Be assertive and firm, letting him understand that such behavior won’t be tolerated.

Making Moves: Initiate a Deeper Conversation

Once the boundaries are firmly established, it’s time to take the conversation to the next level. Instead of solely focusing on superficial flattery, it’s essential to initiate a deeper connection. Engage them in meaningful topics that spark their interest. Find common ground, whether it’s discussing music, hobbies, or cultural experiences.

Avoid coming across as pushy or overly aggressive in your pursuit. Take the time to genuinely listen and respond to what they are saying. Show them that you value their perspective and opinions. By demonstrating a sincere interest in their world, you increase the chances of forging a genuine connection.

Common Scraps: Typical Scenarios & Suggested Responses

However, navigating the world of compliments can sometimes feel like a battlefield. To help you come out on top and slay those compliments like a boss, here are some common scenarios and suggested responses for when someone calls you pretty over text. For a more comprehensive guide, check out the 15 Ways to Respond to Someone Calling you Cute over Text.

Fly Honey: Responding to Compliments from Friends

When your homies are throwing compliments your way, it’s time to show some love back. Showing gratitude allows you to maintain those strong friendships while keeping the vibe positive. You can respond with a simple “Thanks, fam! You’re lookin’ fly too!” This not only acknowledges the compliment but also spreads positive energy all around.

Another approach is to play it cool and respond with a playful remark, like “Ayy, thanks for the love! Just blessed with that natural flyness, you know?” This lets your friends know that you appreciate the compliment and also adds some swagger to the conversation.

Playa Haters: Addressing Unwanted Comments

Unfortunately, not all compliments are welcome or tastefully given. Sometimes, people cross boundaries or make unwarranted comments. In these situations, it’s important to assert yourself and establish your boundaries. Responding with confidence is key.

If someone makes a comment that makes you uncomfortable, you can assertively say, “Hey, respect your boundaries, bro/sis. Let’s keep the conversation on a positive vibe.” This communicates that you won’t tolerate disrespectful comments and sets the tone for a healthier interaction.

When someone persistently makes unwanted comments, it might be necessary to take a more direct approach. You can let them know, “Look, I appreciate the compliment, but it’s not cool to keep pushing it. Let’s keep it friendly, okay?” Remember, it’s important to stand up for yourself and maintain control over the conversation.

In any of these scenarios, always remember to stay true to yourself and trust your gut. Whether it’s accepting a genuine compliment or shutting down unwanted advances, your feelings and comfort come first. Keep slaying those compliments with style and grace!

The Final Word: Responding to a Compliment

Ultimately, when someone hits up your phone screen with an unexpected compliment like “You looking hella pretty, girl!”, knowing how to respond with swag is vital. Society got all sorts of expectations on looks and appearances, but how we react to those words can reveal our confidence and self-love. He gotta keep it real, and let the sender know how much he appreciates the recognition, but also make sure he stays humble. She gotta stay fierce and acknowledge her own beauty while giving credit to her squad who helped her slay the day. They gotta throw a playful response, maybe drop a dope emoji or two, to show they ain’t flippin’ outta control.

Remember though, it ain’t just about looks and appearances. True beauty shines from within, so they gotta remind themselves that their worth goes beyond superficial physical attributes. It’s all about embracing their individuality, owning their flaws, and recognizing that their beauty can’t be defined by anyone else but themselves. So when someone shoots a compliment your way over text, put on your flyest attitude, show gratitude, and keep it humble. That’s how you stay on top of the game, ya feel?


Q: Yo, what to say when someone calls you pretty over text?

A: Ay, no worries, I gotchu! Here are five fly responses:

Q: 1. When someone tells me I’m pretty over text, what should I reply?

A: Ay, appreciate the love, fam! You ain’t lookin’ too bad yourself.

Q: 2. What if I wanna show some confidence when someone calls me pretty?

A: Oh, you know it, sis! Just hit ’em back with a shoutout to your whole squad for being so fine and rockin’ it every day.

Q: 3. How can I keep it humble but still show gratitude when someone says I’m pretty over text?

A: Word, stay humble, sis. A simple ‘thank you, boo’ with a smiley emoji will let them know you appreciate the love without gettin’ all conceited.

Q: 4. What if I wanna playfully tease someone when they call me pretty?

A: Oh, you tryna have some fun? I feel you! Text back with a wink emoji and say, ‘Well, I do try to keep it cute for the gram.’ Gotta keep ’em on their toes!

Q: 5. Any cool response ideas if I wanna turn the compliment into a flirty conversation?

A: Oh, you wanna take it to the next level? I got you covered! Hit ’em back with a smirking emoji and say, ‘Thanks, babe. You got good taste. Wanna see the pretty in person sometime?’ That should get the fire burnin’ in no time!

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