Hotels That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-In: Travel Tips for Young Adults

Hey there, young traveler! Are you tired of hearing “Sorry, you must be at least 21 to check in”? Trust me, I feel your frustration. As an 18-year-old who loves to explore new places, I've often come across this annoying age restriction when trying to book a hotel. But don't worry, my fellow wanderer, because I've got good news for you! In this blog post, I'll be sharing some fantastic travel tips and a list of hotels that actually allow 18-year-olds to check in. Get ready to embark on your next adventure without any age-related obstacles holding you back!

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, not all hotels allow 18-year-olds to check-in. However, there are many hotels that do. When booking a hotel, make sure to check their policy regarding minimum age requirements. Look for hotels that specifically mention accepting guests who are 18 or older.

What documentation is required for 18-year-olds to check-in?

When checking in as an 18-year-old, you typically need to provide the same documentation as any other adult. This usually includes a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license, to verify your identity and age. Some hotels may also require a credit card for incidentals or a form of payment. It's always a good idea to check with the specific hotel you will be staying at to see if they have any additional requirements or policies for guests under a certain age. Planning ahead and having the necessary documentation ready will make the check-in process smoother for you.

Are there age restrictions for 18-year-olds staying alone?

There are generally no legal age restrictions for 18-year-olds staying alone. Once you turn 18, you are considered an adult and are legally allowed to live independently. However, it's important to check local regulations and any specific rules set by your landlord or rental agreement. Some apartment complexes or housing communities may require you to be at least 21 years old or have a co-signer if you are under a certain age. Additionally, if you are still financially dependent on your parents or guardians, they might have their own restrictions or rules about you living alone. Make sure to clarify any restrictions beforehand.

What are the safety protocols in place for 18-year-olds staying in hotels?

An 18-year-old who stays in a hotel needs to know that there are several safety protocols in place to ensure their wellbeing. First, most hotels have security personnel that patrol the premises to ensure a safe stay. Additionally, there are typically surveillance cameras installed in common areas and hallways for added security. In terms of room safety, make sure to always lock your door and utilize the peephole before opening it. If you have any concerns or suspicions, don't hesitate to inform the hotel staff. It's also advisable to keep your valuables locked in the hotel safe. Lastly, be cautious and aware of your surroundings while staying in any unfamiliar location.

Are there additional costs associated with 18-year-olds staying in hotels?

Yes, there can be additional costs associated with 18-year-olds staying in hotels. Some hotels have age restrictions and require guests to be 21 or older to check-in. If you are 18, you may need to provide a credit card or cash deposit as a security measure. Additionally, some hotels may charge an extra fee for guests under 21 due to increased responsibility and potential risks. It is always a good idea to contact the hotel beforehand and inquire about their policies regarding 18-year-old guests to avoid any surprises or extra expenses.

How can I get into a hotel under 21?

Are there any special hotel offers for 18-year-olds?

Unfortunately, there aren't usually special hotel offers exclusively for 18-year-olds. Most hotels offer various discounts and promotions to attract guests of all ages, but these are generally not specific to any particular age group. However, as an 18-year-old, you can take advantage of other ways to find budget-friendly accommodations. For example, consider booking through online travel agencies that often have deals and discounts for all age groups. Additionally, signing up for hotel loyalty programs or using student discounts might also help you save some money on your stay. Just remember to always compare prices and read reviews to ensure you find the best option for your needs.

Final Words

To conclude, finding hotels where 18-year-olds can check in is a game-changer for young travelers. You will need to take into account the fact that not all hotels have the same age policies, but you can find accommodations that are willing to accept you as an adult guest with some research and planning. This blog post has provided you with travel tips and insights to help you navigate the world of hotel regulations and age requirements. By knowing the options available to you, you can take charge of your travel plans and avoid any unnecessary restrictions. So go ahead and start booking your hotels with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge to make informed decisions. Happy travels!


Q: Can 18-year-olds check into hotels?
A: Yes, many hotels around the world allow 18-year-olds to check-in. However, it's always a good idea to confirm the hotel's policy ahead of time, as some establishments may have specific age restrictions.

Q: What are the reasons some hotels have age restrictions?
A: Age restrictions are generally put in place to mitigate potential risks and ensure a safe environment for all guests. Hotels may have policies that aim to prevent underage drinking, unauthorized parties, or damage to the property.

Q: How can I find hotels that allow 18-year-olds to check-in?
A: When searching for accommodation, you can use various online platforms like, Expedia, or Airbnb. These platforms often provide filters that allow you to specifically search for hotels with no age restrictions or those that allow 18-year-olds to check-in.

Q: Are there any specific hotel chains that are known for accommodating young adults?
A: Some hotel chains are known for being more accommodating to young adults. For example, popular chains like Marriott, Hilton, and the Intercontinental Group often have policies in place that allow 18-year-olds to check-in. However, it's essential to confirm the policy with each individual hotel, as policies may vary within the same chain.

Q: What documents do I need to check into a hotel at 18 years old?
A: Generally, hotels require guests to provide a valid government-issued identification card, such as a driver's license or passport, to verify identity and age. Make sure to have a valid ID with you when checking-in.

Q: Are there any additional requirements or deposits for 18-year-old guests?
A: Some hotels may require a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover any incidental charges or damages. These policies are not age-specific and apply to guests of all ages. In case of a cash deposit, make sure to inquire about the amount and the hotel's refund policy.

Q: Can 18-year-olds book hotel rooms online?
A: Yes, many hotels allow guests to book rooms online, including 18-year-olds. However, it's essential to carefully read the hotel's terms and conditions or call their customer service to ensure there are no specific age restrictions for booking online.

Q: Are there any limitations or differences in services available for 18-year-olds compared to older guests?
A: In most cases, there are no specific limitations or differences in services offered to 18-year-old guests. However, certain services, such as renting a car from the hotel or accessing certain facilities like a spa or casino, may have age restrictions set by local laws or the hotel's policies.

Q: Can 18-year-olds check into hotels in foreign countries?
A: Yes, in many countries 18-year-olds can check into hotels. However, age restrictions may vary depending on the destination and hotel policy. It's recommended to research the specific hotel's age requirements before booking.

Q: What should I do if a hotel refuses to check me in due to age?
A: If a hotel refuses to check you in due to age restrictions, it's best to remain calm and polite. Ask to speak to a manager or supervisor, as there may be some flexibility in their policy or an alternative solution. If the issue persists, consider looking for alternative accommodations that cater to young adults or contacting customer service to discuss potential solutions.

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