Big Show and Wife: A Glimpse into Their Relationship

The Big Show, or Paul Wight, as he is known outside the ring, has been a staple in the world of professional wrestling for over two decades. However, behind the larger-than-life persona of the wrestler lies a loving and committed husband to his wife Bess Katramados. Their love story is one that is worth exploring, as it reveals a side of the wrestler that is rarely seen in the public eye. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look into the relationship between Big Show and his wife Bess. From the timeline of their love story to the key milestones in their relationship, we'll delve into the intimate details of their personal lives, including how they balance their personal and professional lives. We'll also share some interesting facts about their relationship and how it has evolved over time. This glimpse into their relationship is not only significant for wrestling fans and those who are curious about celebrity relationships, but it also serves as a reminder that behind the wrestler's tough exterior is a loving partner who values his family above all else. Join us as we take a closer look at the relationship between Big Show and his wife, and explore the unique dynamics of their life together.

A timeline of their love story

Big Show, also known as Paul Donald Wright II, is a former WWE wrestler who has been entertaining fans for decades. Throughout his successful career, he has managed to keep his private life away from the public eye. However, in recent years, he has opened up about his love story with his wife Bess Katramados. They have been together for over a decade, and their relationship is one to admire.

Their love story began when Big Show was struggling with his personal life. His wife, Bess, was working as a fitness model at the time and was hired to help him with his health and wellness. Although they started their relationship as trainer and client, over time, it blossomed into something much more meaningful. They soon realised that they were meant to be together and got married in 2002.

Since then, they have been inseparable, and their love has grown stronger with each passing year. They are proud parents to two beautiful children and have been supportive of each other throughout their ups and downs. Together, they have overcome several challenges, including Big Show's battle with depression and his decision to retire from wrestling in 2018.

Their love story is a beautiful example of what it means to truly support and love someone unconditionally. Although they prefer to keep their relationship private, we can't help but admire their love and dedication to each other. Here's to many more happy years together for Big Show and his beloved wife, Bess.

The key milestones of their relationship

Big Show, the former WWE superstar, has been married to his wife Bess Katramados for almost 20 years. Throughout their relationship, they have experienced many milestones that have helped to strengthen their bond. One of the key moments for the couple was when they first met in 1999 at a Chicago meet-and-greet event. At the time, Big Show was still relatively new to the wrestling world, but Bess was not intimidated by his size and was immediately drawn to his charming personality.

Another important milestone for Big Show and Bess was their marriage in February 2002. The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony in front of their closest friends and family. Since then, they have been inseparable and have been through many ups and downs together, including dealing with Big Show's health issues.

The birth of their children was also a significant moment in their relationship. Together, they have two children, a daughter named Cierra and a son named Jett. They have both been actively involved in their children's lives, attending their sports games and school events, and supporting them in everything they do.

Considering how committed and loving the relationship between Big Show and Bess is, it is an exemplary example of love and devotion. They have weathered many storms but have always come out stronger on the other side. They have shown that true love can stand the test of time, as long as you are willing to put in the effort to make it work.

How they balance their personal and professional lives

Balancing personal and professional lives can be challenging, but WWE veteran Big Show and his wife, Bess Katramados, seem to have a great handle on it! With a career that has spanned decades and an impressive list of accomplishments, one might assume that Big Show's professional life takes precedence. However, the couple has found a way to prioritize their personal lives without neglecting their respective careers.

While Big Show spends much of his time on the road for WWE events, he makes sure to make time for his family when he's home. In an interview with Muscle & Fitness, Big Show revealed that he and his wife make sure to take time for themselves as a couple, whether that means a weekend getaway or simply a quiet night at home. This intentional focus on their relationship helps keep their personal lives healthy and happy.

Bess, who is also a bodybuilder and fitness model, knows the value of hard work and dedication. Despite her own busy career, she makes sure to prioritize her role as a mom to the couple's children. In an interview with Muscle & Fitness Hers, Bess shared that she's learned to balance her career and family life by setting priorities and being flexible.

Communicating with one another and respecting one another is the key to Bess and Big Show's successful relationship. They understand the importance of each other's careers and commitments, but also recognize the importance of carving out time for each other and their family. It's clear that this couple has found a formula that works for them, and we can all learn something from their dedication to both their personal and professional lives.

Interesting facts about their relationship

Big Show and his wife Bess Katramados have been married since 2002, which is a testament to their strong bond. Despite being in the public eye, they have kept their relationship private and away from the media. Here are some interesting facts about their relationship that you might not know.

Firstly, Bess has been a constant support system for Big Show throughout his career. She has been by his side for all the highs and lows and has played a crucial role in his success. In an interview, Big Show mentioned that his wife is his rock and that he could not have achieved what he has without her.

Secondly, the couple has two children together, a son and a daughter. Despite their busy schedules, they make sure to prioritize their family time. Big Show once mentioned that his favorite family tradition is having a big family breakfast on Sundays before church.

Lastly, Big Show and Bess share a love for fitness and healthy living. Bess is a fitness model and personal trainer, while Big Show has lost over a hundred pounds through diet and exercise. They often work out together and motivate each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As evident from their relationship, Big Show and Bess Katramados have a tremendous amount of love and respect for one another. Their private life is a testament to the fact that it is indeed possible to have a successful relationship in the public eye. It's heartwarming to see the love they share, not just for each other, but for their family and healthy lifestyle as well.

A look at how their relationship has evolved over time

For years, the Big Show has entertained wrestling fans with his fearless moves and larger-than-life personality. But what many fans may not know is the sweet relationship between the wrestler and his wife Bess. Since their marriage in 2002, the couple's bond has only strengthened with time.

Over the years, we've seen glimpses of their relationship on social media, backstage interviews, and even on the reality show “Total Divas.” From the early days of their marriage to now, it's clear that the Big Show and his wife have a solid foundation built on love, trust, and mutual respect.

One of the most endearing moments in their relationship was when Bess surprised her husband by attending one of his wrestling matches after a long absence. The pure joy on the Big Show's face was palpable as he hugged his wife tight. It's moments like these that showcase the beauty of their relationship, proving that even after almost two decades together, their love still shines bright.

The Big Show and his wife's relationship serves as a testament that true love can conquer all. Despite the ups and downs of life, their bond remains rock-solid and pure. It's a beautiful thing to witness and reminds us that even in a world full of chaos, love will always prevail.


[Outline_6] refers to the interactions between The Big Show and his wife, Bess Katramados. The couple has been married since 2002, and despite The Big Show being a well-known wrestler, they have managed to keep their relationship private. However, recently they have given fans a glimpse into their personal life through social media.

One of the most heartwarming things about The Big Show and Bess is how supportive they are of each other. Whenever The Big Show has an event or match, Bess is right there cheering him on. They also share pictures on social media of them spending time with their children and enjoying life outside the wrestling ring.

Another aspect of their relationship that fans have come to love is their humor. The Big Show often posts silly pictures of him and Bess on his social media accounts, showing off their fun-loving side. It's evident that they don't take themselves too seriously and have a great time together.

I find it refreshing to see a celebrity couple who have been together almost two decades and still seem to be in love and happy with each other. The Big Show and Bess are a reminder that, despite the chaotic world we live in, true love and devotion still exist.


Finally, Big Show's relationship with his wife shows how powerful love, loyalty, and respect can be. They remind us that true love doesn't just happen; it is based on hard work, trust, and an understanding of each other's needs, as they show their unwavering commitment to each other. This serves as a wonderful example and reminder to all of us to cherish and nurture our relationships, no matter how challenging and stressful the journey may be. In a world where relationships are often seen as disposable, Big Show and his wife show us that true love knows no bounds and is always worth fighting for.

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