Recapping Stag Hunt's California Tour (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, Stag Hunt was lucky enough to stumble into a fellow pioneering spirit in Michael Jon Leonard.  We met in the internets great bazaar (also known as Craigslist) and he quickly hit the ground running filming a documentary.  Armed with big ideas and a conviction that change demanded the people's involvement, we set out to "walk the earth".  Below we continue his unedited account of the tour. 

Leaving Big Sur

This morning we pulled out of Big Sur. AKA, WIFI and PHONES are back.  This is one of the first times I am not pleased to be back in civilization.  Big Sur is God Country.

Here is a re-cap from this week, I needed a way to keep the story straight in my heart and head, so I decided to list my sleeping locations..

It lacks poetry, but it helped me remember our itinerary.

Sleeping Locations

Monday, I slept on a Beach just south of Santa Barbara.

-Worked in L.A.


-first blog post

-epic indiegogo fail

-But some Prana climbing shorts, past up a 50% off sale @Patagonia.  epic fail 2..

Tuesday, I hamocked on a Cliff overlooking the water. (Santa Barbara)

-Fransiscan Mission

-U.C.S.B. Tech Conference-intereviews

Wednesday, and Thursday we BRB’ed in Moro Bay.

-Interviewed locals and Edited all day.  After eating nothing but cliff bars and Qinua for three days, we stopped into Jocko’s which was suggested to us by a local.  After eating there, Patrick and David confirmed that it was the best BBQ spot in Cali.  Steak and Lamb cooked on a Red Oak Fire Pit.. Patrick ate a 20oz steak in 7 minutes.. 

-After eating our first solid meal in three days, we hopped in the car and headed to Moro Bay. Upon our arrival, the first thing we did was surf.  To get to the spot we swam accrossed the bay on our boards, to a remote beach filled with birds and friendly jelly fish..

-Sunset on the boards..

-In the morning we visited Moro Bay Avocado Farm (also known as Shanley Farms), they are one of the main avocado suppliers for Whole Foods.  This guy is a Master of the American Dream! We visited his dream, his family nestled into a mini- mansion overlooking Moro Bay, surrounded by his Avocado Farm, complete with a hobby vineyard and solar panels to keep him off the grid!! This guy was super generous.  Upon leaving he sent his queen of a daughter to as fetch us some Avocados, we left a brimming box full!! Epic *****

p.s. He is also the Patriarch of Finger Limes.  What’s a finger lime?  think a lime meets caviar, weird, but it’s a party in the mouth for sure!

-Bought a great used wet suit!  Which, like coffee, is a must have on this trip, the  the water is frigid and there is a month left of surfing..

-On the swim back across the bay we encountered a family of otters. There were five or six at most, it was cool though, they were no more than ten meters from us.

 I asked David, “Are Otters friendly?”  

He replied, “No, but they won’t bite you.”

-After that, David taught me a bio-physics lesson on surfing and Patrick gave me a tip about paddling, then I caught my first 3 waves. 

Friday, We drove to Big Sur and slept at Botchers Gap, I hamocked on the Cliff of a Mountain.(Big Sur)

-Botchers Gap was the only open campsite in Big Sur.. There are upwards of Ten Official campsites.. 

-At sunset while taking photos, we met a digital designer from Berlin. On Wednesday, he his heading to Burning Man to hang with the guys from Google.  Before he sets his soul on fire, we are going to interview him in San Fran on Monday.

Saturday, we slept on the coast, I hammocked Ten Feet up a young oak..(Big Sur)

-We woke up early and were the first ones to the coast line campsite.

-Since we were the first ones to the site, we got the pick of the litter on sites.  The first one came upon was group of hipsters.. Two boys, Two girls. The women were beautiful, so I made sure to keep eye contact with their boyfriends.  They were friendly and offered us coffee.  As our friendship was just beginning, the longer haired fellow pulled out a vacuum press and served me the coffee in a mug!

As our conversation went deeper, I discovered that he was from Athens, GA.  Six degrees of separation.. Some of you may know that my former roommate, close comrade and fellow priestDrew Jacoby was in tragic accident 2 weeks ago.. Turns out this long haired fellow who made me coffee was also working in a Kitchen that morning  little more than a block away at another restaurant.  He heard about the accident Drew had minutes after it had happened.. He recalled the event to me,  ”You know, I work in a Kitchen too.  When we heard about it, we all took a moment of silence in his honor.  How is he doing?”

Surely, a moment where the Architect of this Universe gave me a sense of awe.  One of the main components of the Documentary is the need for healthy community to be restored in our culture.. Love you Drew!!

-After securing a campsite, we headed to the beach.  There was no surf.  We found a crystal clear, fresh water river that ran along the beach.. The Go Pro held it down. 


-I woke, ten feet up, in a young oak.

-Left Big Sur, on good terms.

-Iced Coffee

-The rest of the story, hasn’t been told yet.