Stumbling into the Slack Track

Dear Reader,

For the past nine months our merry little band of intellectual misfits has been traveling across California and America spreading the gospel of good government.  Often we'd set up a slackline to pass the time while working a booth or simply to relax after a long day.  

Everywhere we'd go people thought the sport looked cool, but, despite my urging, almost no one wanted to try it.  I found myself telling folks over and over again about my old high school football buddy's invention: the Slack Track.  

In fact, Philip Thomas was the first to introduce me to slacklining and hooked me up with my first set up.  He's a fairly accomplished highliner, and, as you might imagine, fairly addicted to crossing lines.  That's him on the Big Bear highline below:

Phil had dreams of earning a living from slacklining and hustled throughout Los Angeles.  Repeatedly he ran into the same issues our Stag crew would later run into on our travels: people wanted an easier way to learn.  An engineer at heart, Phil loves tinkering and soon enough the Slack Track (patent pending) was born.

People love it.  We've spent almost two years playing and tinkering on the Slack Track to perfect the invention.  And now we're negotiating supply chains with manufacturers so that we can unleash an unbelievably quality product into the world.

So our merry little band of misfits journey's ever onward towards tackling the mammoth mountains facing our society.  Stag Hunt believes that pragmatic risktaking is part of what makes America great.  

The Slack Track is our small way of honoring that legacy and doing our part to help freedom flourish.