Tom Friedman on the California Economy

Not a post actually.  Instead we're bringing you the opportunity to ask the author, pundit, and cliche creating extradanaire a question about what needs to be done to fix the California economy:

The opening session of the California Economic Summit will feature a conversation with Thomas Friedman -- internationally bestselling author, reporter, and columnist. We'll probe his views on the topics of the day and set the tone for the Summit.

Let's represent the Hunt in force boyos.  My favorite so far:

California probably has more unemployed Tom Friedman wannabes then any over state. Add up all the investigative journalists, under published nonfiction authors, laid off professors and teachers, and just generally smart folks who moved here for the hoped-for quality of life but who can’t make a living using their best talents. No state can match us. At the same time, serious problems that need investigation instead become fuel for deliberately ambiguous referenda, or just languish in unresolved obscurity. Is there anything Californians could do that would leverage the untapped resource of its unemployed yet badly needed analyzers, teachers and explainers of the possible future?