A Neat Story

Dear Reader,

The New York Times profiled the social secretary at the White House.  It's actually a really interesting article --- on a superficial level, it's just neat to know.  On a more interesting level, it's a great point about how the White House is trying to split the difference between supporting and opposing gay marriage.

Many of the bundlers at the dinner for Mr. Cameron were friends of Mr. Bernard, among them Chad H. Griffin, the incoming president of the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay advocacy group. (Mr. Griffin and his date, Jerome Fallon, got a seat with the Obamas at the head table.) Other bundler friends of Mr. Bernard at the dinner included Dana Perlman, a Los Angeles lawyer who is on the board of the Human Rights Campaign and who brought his husband, Hugh Kinsellagh.

Nevertheless, President Obama's official stance on gay marriage is merely that his official stance is "evolving" --- whatever that means. 

--- Stag Staff