The Other Romney

Dear Reader,

The Politico ran a very detailed article today about Mitt Romney's wife, Ann.  Apparently she makes a much better candidate than he does.  In an election year news cycle dominated by things we've already heard, this is a fresh angle. 

The Republicans will need to figure out how to use her to convince women to vote for their candidate; the New York Times reports that the Democrats are doing much better with women in important swing statesThe Hill reports a similar finding:

The turnaround for the president is in large part due to a widening gender gap — Romney holds a 1 percent advantage among men, while the president leads by 18 percent among women.

At times, the Republican presidential primary has focused on social issues, and particularly those that involve women, such as birth control and abortion, which could be hurting Romney with female voters.

It's not clear that Ann Romney will be able to overcome all of the policy opposition but she can at least lend a female face to the campaign in an effort to sway the swayables. 

--- Stag Staff