Super Tuesday

Dear Readers,

As the dust settles, a few news stories stand out:

  • Romney wins but can't get credit for it.  "Mitt Romney won a crushing victory Tuesday, winning twice as many states as Rick Santorum and more that two and half times as many delegates, but his triumph is being portrayed in headlines across the nation as sign of weakness and failure."
  • Santorum thinks Gingrich should back out.  The Santorum line: "For instance, with Gingrich out of the race, Santorum would have won both Ohio and Michigan. Newt has become a hindrance to a conservative alternative."
  • Gingrich, on the other hand, is staying in.  "With all respect to my friend from Pennsylvania, Sen. Santorum, there is a big difference between being a good team member and changing the game. I'm not going to Washington to be a good team member, I'm going to Washington to change Washington," he said.
  • Paul's campaign can't figure out why they have such a huge gap between turnout for their speaking events and number of votes.  "Thousands turned out to see the Texas congressman at events in Alaska, Idaho and North Dakota in the days before Super Tuesday. Paul said publicly and believed privately that he could win all three states outright. When the votes were counted, though, he finished third in Alaska and Idaho and second in North Dakota."
  • Romney wants all of the others out - and keeps trying to make the point that nobody else can win.  "While Romney, they said, needs to win only 48 percent of remaining delegates, Santorum would have to carry 65 percent of what’s left and Gingrich 70 percent."

That's pretty much the story.  Romney won Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia.  Santorum won North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  Gingrich won in Georgia.  The main event - Ohio - was quite a narrow victory for Romney, providing most of the drama of the evening.  Nevertheless, because Santorum did not manage to organize properly, Romney will come away with many more of the delegates from that state.  The Los Angeles Times has Romney at 415 to Santorum at 176 and Gingrich at 105 delegates.  

--- Stag Staff