Got to Love the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Some characteristically understated words from James Altucher:
Entrepreneurs don’t need to care about the economy. In fact, the worse the economy, the better the time it is to start a business. Because the one thing I know about every bad economic situation in the US – it always gets better. Since 1600.
And his underlying meta-analysis of world events rings somewhat true, if obviously incredibly simplistic:

I was once backstage at a news show. Six  people were on a box in the screen screaming at each other about the economy. The producer was laughing. He leaned over to me and said, “the whole idea of this is to fill the time between one commercial segment and the next.”

Every day they want to scare me. Greece is going to suddenly disappear. Or have some sort of debt “contagion” that will spread across the Atlantic. Everyone is a “contagion” expert. Just like we were all experts on “Avian Flu”. Whatever happened to that one? Did anyone die of Avian flu?