Debate #2

Dear Readers,

There's a lot one could say about the Presidential debate last night.  Apparently, President Obama thinks Mitt Romney is a Chinese Spymaster.  And, apparently, Governor Romney forgot that this was a debate rather than a board meeting; he seemed somewhat surprised that he couldn't just tell the more junior members of the board to be quiet for a minute. 

No, there is much to say, although perhaps we'd all rather not say much of it.  After both candidates actually gave relatively reasonable answers in the first debate, this debate was much more like watching both sides play 30 second campaign commercials --- simultaneously. 

Instead of a long-winded piece of political analysis --- the Daily Stag Hunt investigative reporters have forwarded to me this link (here) showing interviews with regular people about the debate last night.  Except, of course, this people were asked at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon, four hours before the debate started.

Conclusion: Americans continue to try to pretend that they are move involved with politics and less involved with Kim Kardashian1 than they really are.

--- Stag Staff


1If that is how you spell her name. 

Also, I lied... one other interesting (nonpartisan!) item: prediction markets for swing states.  The Ohio one is very problematic for Romney.  LINK HERE.