Dear Biggie: What to do About Big Feet and High Arches?

Dear Biggie,

What size do you think I would be for the Fifth Avenue from BB? I usually wear a 12 or 13 and have a wide food with a high arch. Can I wear a proper oxford or am I stuck forever with a blucher?


Dear Hodgemus,

You and I have similar feet. Wide with high instep. My arch is shallower than yours, but the instep is the problem. The 5th Ave is on AE's 5 last, and as you learned recently, you never get to wear them because your instep is too high. 

Stick with bleuchers for now. As you know, they have the extra space to accommodate a high instep.

PS: when you are down to drop $450 on a dress shoe, Alden's Oxfords on their Hampton last can probably accommodate your instep. They accommodate mine.

Your humble and obedient servant,