Newt: Got the Jailed Ex-Congressman Vote on Lock

Duke Cunningham, one of the most corrupt congressman in our nation's history (literally took cash for earmark votes), voices support for Newty:

First when you were Speaker of the House having a Democratic president, you passed every issue working with the house and senate Dems. It was not easy and Mit (sic) just does not have this experience. It also shows that every bone in your body is for helping this nation become great again through conservative government. Mit (sic) may have been in the private sector but congress is far from having absolute control over your employees.

Of course being a savvy pol he realizes, good words from him might do Newt more harm than good:

I do not expect a reply Newt and my endorsement would do more harm than good. 

But really haven't we come too far for that convict -- I mean Congressman?