Election '12: The Roosevelt Wars

Mitt Romney takes aim today at President Obama in (this link); although he's not exactly talking softly.  As a political speech, and from a purely technical point of view, this is pretty good work.  I imagine these sorts of remarks are well received in Republican audiences.  The Gingrich slide in Iowa - even a Paul victory probably helps Romney - really boosts Romney's chances to win the primary.  So it makes sense that he's making sure to target President Obama as much as possible.

On a side note:  how helpful is it for the Republicans that their race is so much more interesting?  President Obama has to spend all of his time in really nasty battles with Congress - the only way he makes it in the news these days is if there is another breakdown of cooperation between the White House and the Republican House.  On the other hand, the media gives the Republicans lots of free air time as they bash each other (helps Obama) and bash Obama (bad for Obama).  I think the issue is that the Obama campaign will have less of a role in the ultimate branding of their opponent: whoever wins the Republican race will have already been fixed in the public mind as a certain type of person by the other Republican candidates.  The Obama campaign will be able to shape that, some, but the main storyline will already be in place.