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Stag Hunt is a community of nerd-jock adventurers pioneering creative solutions to humanity's important challenges.  We work to build something larger than ourselves, choosing the Stag in Rousseu's great game theoretic.


 "This is an exciting magazine.  It is attractive and full of thought-provoking articles.  Worth reading." -- Jackie Kegley

"CA State Government operates the same way it has for over 50 years - the only difference is that workers use computers instead of type writers.  It needs to wake up!  Stag Hunt's work is critical."  -- Ryan Arba

Current Staff

Patrick Atwater - Editor

David Thomas - Business Director

Michael Jon "MJ" Leonard - Moving Pictures Director

Mysterious additional individuals.  No, really. 

Why the Stag Hunt?

In a world where hyper-specialization reigns, we harken back to a day when bold thinkers tackled big questions unencumbered by a fear of the unknown.  In a world where everyone always seems to be running to catch their next appointment or raving about the latest hullabaloo, we find there’s more value than ever in letting ideas percolate over a quality cup of tea. 

We pioneer political economy insights by developing, catalyzing and hunting down ideas that move humanity forward.  If you'd like to join our quest, please get in touch with us at

 "If a deer was to be taken, every one saw that, in order to succeed, he must abide faithfully by his post: but if a hare happened to come within the reach of any one of them, it is not to be doubted that he pursued it without scruple, and having seized his prey, cared very little, if by so doing he caused his companions to miss theirs." --Jean Jacques Rousseau

PS If Daily Stag Hunt should inadvertently use a graphic or photo for which approval or a license fee is required, we will remove the restricted material upon notification.