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Stag Hunt stands for a community of nerd-jock adventurers pioneering creative solutions to humanity's important challenges.  We work to build something larger than ourselves, choosing the Stag in Rousseu's great game theoretic.

Current Staff

Patrick Atwater - Editor

David Thomas - Business Director

Michael Jon "MJ" Leonard - Art Director 

Why the Stag Hunt?

Stag Hunt Enterprises, Inc. was founded sometime during late modernity.  The archives are spotty, but we have it on good authority that the Hunt began sometime between the birth of Winston Churchill in 1878 and the infamous Christmas party of 2011.  It has enjoyed a consistently unbroken record of intermittent activity and sporadic growth.  What has never changed, however, is our love of deep analysis into all matters political and economic.

In a world where hyper-specialization reigns, we harken back to a day when bold thinkers tackled big questions unencumbered by a fear of the unknown.  In a world where everyone always seems to be running to catching their next appointment or raving about the latest hullabaloo, we find there’s more value than ever in letting ideas percolate over a quality cup of tea. 

We pioneer political economy insights by developing, catalyzing and hunting down ideas that move humanity forward.  If you’d like to join our quest, please get in touch with us at

Information for Sponsors.  Each season the Stag Hunt puts on a new bold challenge demanding pioneering political economy insights.  These incendiary essay contests are a great way to get your name in front of the next generation of bright analysts and support the development of pragmatic solutions.  If you’re interested in sponsoring, please drop us a line at

Information for Contributors.  We welcome any and all submissions.  The only rule is that poor pieces will be mocked in true Hunter S. Thompson style.  Please drop us a line at  And yes we do enjoy getting email.  

 "If a deer was to be taken, every one saw that, in order to succeed, he must abide faithfully by his post: but if a hare happened to come within the reach of any one of them, it is not to be doubted that he pursued it without scruple, and having seized his prey, cared very little, if by so doing he caused his companions to miss theirs." --Jean Jacques Rousseau

Highlights from the Archives

 "Go West Young Man" A reflection on how to achieve excellence in public service.

"Government: the next great frontier?"  Some speculations on how technology might revolutionize what constitutes government. 

"Reforming Education Reform"  An effort to get beyond the tired management-labor dispute that dominates the education discourse.

"Towards a New Social Contract: The Challenge" The first in a three part series. 

"The Fall of Man" A four part meditation on, well, the Fall of Young Men. 

"Primary Day: Prelude" A deep dive into California's first open primary election. 

"Review: You are not a Gadget" A review of Jaron Lanier's analysis of the internet's impact and musings on how the web affects the symbolic process. 

"The Correlation of Laughter at FOMC Meetings"  Who knew data could be this funny?

"Dear Biggie: What to Wear to an Interview" Fairly self-explanatory.   

PS If Daily Stag Hunt should inadvertently use a graphic or photo for which approval or a license fee is required, we will remove the restricted material upon notification.